About Almanac

Since 1996, Almanac Realty Investors’ primary investment activity has consisted of making growth capital investments into private and public real estate operating companies through a series of funds known as Almanac Realty Securities. To date, Almanac Realty Securities, formerly known as Five Arrows Realty Securities, has committed more than $4.0 billion into more than 37 companies.

The Almanac Realty Securities series of funds invests in platforms that align interests, provide investors with transparency, and provide real estate operators with flexible long term capital. Our portfolio companies consist of proven management teams with demonstrable track records of creating real estate cash flow and value.

The primary strategy of the Funds is to invest in real estate operating companies, typically in the form of convertible preferred or convertible debt securities. We focus on contributed value, alignment of interests, creating shareholder value, dividends per share and corporate governance through a board of directors.

Having served on over 30 different public and private board of directors, Almanac team members offer a wide array of expertise in matters of corporate finance, real estate, capital markets, systems, organization structure and business development. We help portfolio company management teams build the business and develop corporate level sophistication for the next stage of the company’s growth.

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We put in financial and intellectual capital to help successful real estate companies realize their potential.